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recovered by some detective work

recovered by some detective work

Joey Webber, the Portland Timbers mascot fondly known as Timber Joey, returned to his car, which was parked downtown, Saturday night to find that it had been broken into and a slew of his official Timbers equipment had been stolen.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending.

Webber took to Facebook Sunday morning to elicit help and ask friends and fans to stay on the look out for his stolen gear, which included his helmet, one of the kind jerseys, suspenders and a power head. Cheap Jerseys free shipping The post was shared hundreds of time on Facebook and Twitter.

Among the people that heard about Webber’s missing gear was KATU reporter Cory Marshall and photographer Eric Williams. Marshall and Williams happened to be reporting on a different story at the Burnside Bridge Sunday night when they noticed a man wearing Timber Joey’s gear.

They approached the man and convinced him to give them the gear. He quickly gave it over, telling them that he had found the gear at a bus stop. Marshall and Williams contacted the Portland Police and handed over video that they had taken during the exchange.


Why Reid Vick Are Wrong to Complain About the Refs

Why Reid Vick Are Wrong to Complain About the Refs

Michael Vick has been taking way too many hits lately, so much so that Eagles fans expect him to be knocked out for multiple games virtually every time he runs with the ball. It an extremely nerve wracking way to watch a football game. But Vick and Andy Reid say this wouldn be a problem if the referees didn LET Vick get hit so much. “I see the same thing you’re seeing. He does run, but he’s still the quarterback and there has to be, you can’t treat him like he’s a running back there. That’s not what the rules state.”

Actually, Maschera viso if the QB doesn slide, that EXACTLY what the rules state. If the QB takes off with the ball and doesn slide, you can hit him just as hard as you hit a wideout or a running back. You can even wrap your arms and everything. It true!

For his part, Vick says refs are refusing to throw flags even when he gets hit late in the pocket:

“If you go back and watch the film, I getting hit after I throw the ball repeatedly, it time after time after time. I getting my face mask pulled, I getting hit in the head, the calls are not being made,” Vick said in an appearance on 610 AM WIP.”Every time I get hit I look up at the ref and I see no flag. And I see other quarterbacks standing in the pocket, the minute